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4th Int'l AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

May 23-26, 2010, George Washington University, Washington, DC

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Accepted Papers
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Full Papers

10: Activity Lifespan: An Analysis of User Survival Patterns in Online Knowledge Sharing Communities
Jiang Yang, Xiao Wei, Mark S. Ackerman, Lada A. Adamic

17: Predicting Elections with Twitter: What 140 Characters Reveal about Political Sentiment
Andranik Tumasjan, Timm O. Sprenger, Philipp G. Sandner, Isabell M. Welpe

19: How Does the Data Sampling Strategy Impact the Discovery of Information Diffusion in Social Media?
Munmun De Choudhury, Yu-Ru Lin, Hari Sundaram, K. Selcuk Candan, Lexing Xie, Aisling Kelliher

20: Sequential Influence Models in Social Networks
Dan Cosley, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg, Xiangyang Lan, Siddharth Suri

30: Tweeting from the Town Square: Measuring Geographic Local Networks
Sarita Yardi, danah boyd

35: ICWSM - A Great Catchy Name: Semi-Supervised Recognition of Sarcastic Sentences in Product Reviews
Oren Tsur, Dmitry Davidov, Ari Rappoport

38: Measuring User Influence on Twitter: The Million Follower Fallacy
Meeyoung Cha, Hamed Haddadi, Fabricio Benevenuto, and Krishna P. Gummadi

39: Responses to remixing on a social media sharing website
Benjamin Mako Hill, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Kristina R. Olson

43: Your Brain on Facebook: Neuropsychological Associations with Social Versus other Media
Kristie Fisher, Scott Counts

47: ePluribus: Ethnicity on Social Networks
Jonathan Chang, Itamar Rosenn, Lars Backstrom, Cameron Marlow

66: To be a star is not only metaphoric: from popularity to social linkage
Alina Stoica, Thomas Couronne, Jean-Samuel Beuscart

75: Information Contagion: an Empirical Study of the Spread of News on Digg and Twitter Social Networks
Kristina Lerman, Rumi Ghosh

89: Increasing energy saving behaviors via social networks
Jennifer Mankoff, Susan R. Fussell, Rachel Glaves, Catherine Grevet, Michael Johnson, Deanna Matthews, H. Scott Matthews, Robert McGuire, Robert Thompson, Aubrey Shick, Leslie Setlock

94: The Directed Closure Process in Information Networks with an Analysis of Link Formation on Twitter
Daniel M. Romero, Jon Kleinberg

105: Widespread Worry and the Stock Market
Eric Gilbert, Karrie Karahalios

119: Star Quality: Aggregating Reviews to Rank Products and Merchants
Mary McGlohon, Natalie Glance, Zach Reiter

122: Characterizing Microblogs with Topic Models
Daniel Ramage, Susan Dumais, Dan Liebling

124: Photo Tagging Over Time: A Longitudinal Study of the Role of Attention, Network Density, and Motivations
Paul Russo, Oded Nov

125: Who Acquires Friends Through Social Media and Why? “Rich Get Richer” versus “Seek and Ye Shall Find”
Zeynep Tufekci

132: Study of Static Classification of Social Spam Profiles in MySpace
Danesh Irani, Steve Webb, Calton Pu

140: The Social Dynamics of Economic Activity in a Virtual World
Eytan Bakshy, Matthew P. Simmons, David A. Huffaker, Chun-Yuen Teng, Lada A. Adamic

142: Governance in Social Media: A case study of the Wikipedia promotion process
Jure Leskovec, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg

143: Towards Social Causality: An Analysis of Interpersonal Relations in Online Blogs and Forums
Roxana Girju

148: From Tweets to Polls: Linking Text Sentiment to Public Opinion Time Series
Brendan O'Connor, Ramnath Balasubramanyan, Bryan R. Routledge, Noah A. Smith

155: Microblogging Inside and Outside the Workplace
Kate Ehrlich, N. Sadat Shami

Poster Papers

6: Connecting the Dots: When Personal Information Becomes Personally Identifying on the Internet
Dave Yates, Mark Shute, Dana Rotman

7: Comparing Information Diffusion Structure in Weblogs and Microblogs
Jiang Yang, Scott Counts

8: Sporepedia: A Case Study in the Popularity Dynamics of Social Media
Michael Twardos

12: Searching Versus Asking: A Comparison of Information Seeking Using Search Engines and Social Networks
Meredith Ringel Morris, Jaime Teevan, Katrina Panovich

18: Modeling Personality Influences on YouTube Usage
T. E. Dominic Yeo

23: Conversational Shadows: Describing Live Media Events using Short Message Conversations
David A. Shamma, Lyndon Kennedy, Elizabeth F. Churchill

26: A Qualitative Examination of Topical Tweet and Retweet Practices
Meenakshi Nagarajan, Hemant Purohit, Amit Sheth

31: Mining User Home Location, Travel Patterns and Gender from Flickr Tags
Adrian Popescu, Gregory Grefenstette

32: Challenges in Personalized Authority Flow Based Ranking of Social Media
Hassan Sayyadi, John Edmonds, Vagelis Hristidis, Louiqa Raschid

33: Social Intellisense: A Task-Embedded Interface to Folksonomies
Scott Counts, Kristie Fisher, Aaron Hoff

41: Effective Question Recommendation Based on Multiple Features for Question Answering Communities
Yutaka Kabutoya, Tomoharu Iwata, Hisako Shiohara, Ko Fujimura

42: Faceplant: Impression (Mis)management in Facebook status updates
Vladimir Barash, Nicolas Ducheneaut, Ellen Isaacs

44: Longevity in Second Life
ChunYuen Teng, Lada A. Adamic

48: Socio-Legal Analysis of Criminal Sentences: A Preliminary Study
Giuseppe Giura, Giovanni Giuffrida, Carlo Pennisi, Calogero Zarba

51: Classifier Calibration for Multi-Domain Sentiment Classification
Stephan Raaijmakers, Wessel Kraaij

52: Finding Gold in Intranet Data: A Comparison of Mined and Surveyed Social Networks
Chen Zhao, Baozhong Liu

56: Why do Users Tag? Detecting Usersí Motivation for Tagging in Social Tagging Systems
Markus Strohmaier, Christian Körner, Roman Kern

61: The Role of Personality in Social Networking Site Usage
Carrie Carmody, Alexia Cooper

69: Coping With Noise in a Real-World Weblog Crawler and Retrieval System
James Lanagan, Paul Ferguson, Neil O'Hare, Alan F. Smeaton

70: The Perceived Credibility of Online Encyclopedias Among Children
Andrew J. Flanagin, Miriam J. Metzger

71: Structural Holes and Click-Throughs in Online Advertising
Starling David Hunter III

72: Weighted-Voting Based Blog News Ranking System Increasing News Media Credibility
Kanghak Kim, Geonhyeok Go, Hyun-woo Park, Sangki Han

74: Social Dynamics of Digg
Tad Hogg, Kristina Lerman

76: Factors Mediating Disclosure in Social Network Sites
Fred Stutzman, Robert Capra, Jamila Thompson

77: A Ranking based Model for Automatic Image Annotation in a Social Network
Ludovic Denoyer, Patrick Gallinari

78: SMOB - A Platform for Open, Semantic and Distributed Microblogging
Alexandre Passant, Uldis Bojars, John G. Breslin, Tuukka Hastrup, Milan Stankovic, Philippe Laublet

81: Generating Domain-specific Clues using News Corpus for Sentiment Classification
Youngho Kim, Yoonjung Choi, Sung-Hyon Myaeng

82: Co-Participation Networks using Comment Information
Huzefa Rangwala, Salman Jamali

83: Devils, Angels, and Robots: Tempting Destructive Users in Social Media
Kyumin Lee, Brian David Eoff, James Caverlee

87: Patterns of Adoption of Science 2.0
Alastair Gill, Terhi Nokkala, Nigel Gilbert

88: A Comparison of Generated Wikipedia Profiles using Social Labeling and Automatic Keyword Extraction
Terrell Russell, Bongwon Suh, Ed H. Chi

95: User Interest and Interaction Structure in Online Forums
Di Liu, Daniel Percival, Stephen E. Fienberg

98: Empirical Analysis of User Participation in Online Communities: the Case of Wikipedia
Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Alberto Vancheri

99: Interaction Network Properties of Twitter
Jiang Yang, Scott Counts

101: Mobilizing Lurkers with a Targeted Task
Rosta Farzan, Joan Morris DiMicco, Beth Brownholtz

110: A Second Chance to Make a First Impression: Factors Affecting the Longevity of Online Dating Relationships
Lindsay Shaw Taylor, Andrew T. Fiore, Gerald A. Mendelsohn, Coye Cheshire

111: Using Twitter During an Academic Conference: The #iswc2009 Use Case
Julie Letierce, Alexandre Passant, John G. Breslin, Stefan Decker

112: Voices of Vlogging
Joan-Isaac Biel, Daniel Gatica-Perez

114: Local circles, local topics: social and semantic proximity in blog networks
Jean-Philippe Cointet, Camille G. Roth

116: Monetary Value of Customer Networks in Mobile Social Networking Services
Naohiro Matsumura, Hikaru Yamamoto

117: What’s Worthy of Comment? Content and Comment Volume in Political Blogs
Tae Yano, Noah A. Smith

118: The Wisdom of Bookies? Sentiment Analysis vs. the NFL Point Spread
Yancheng Hong, Steven Skiena

120: Trading Strategies To Exploit Blog and News Sentiment
Wenbin Zhang, Steven Skiena

121: “How incredibly awesome!” - click here to read more
Hyung-il Ahn, Werner Geyer, Casey Dugan, David Millen

127: Temporal Correlation between Social Tags and Emerging Long-term Trend Detection
Ming-Hung Hsu, Hsin-Hsi Chen

130: Decomposing Discussion Forums and Boards using User Roles
Jeffrey Chan, Conor Hayes, Elizabeth M. Daly

134: Modeling Group Dynamics in Virtual Worlds
Syed Fahad Allam Shah, Gita Sukthankar, Chris Usher

144: What Makes a Blog a Blog? Exploring User Conceptualizations of an Old “New” Online Medium
Jeffrey William Treem, Kristin Yates Thomas

147: User Acceptance of Micro-blogging in the Enterprise
Jun Zhang, Yan Qu, Derek Hansen

153: How to Become Famous in the Microblog World
Takeshi Sakaki, Yutaka Matsuo

154: Discovering Serendipitous Information from Wikipedia by Using its Network Structure
Yohei Noda, Yoji Kiyota, Hiroshi Nakagawa

Demo Papers

139: A Web-based System for Data Collection and Community Building
Ista Zahn

159: TweetMotif: Exploratory Search and Topic Summarization for Twitter
Brendan O'Connor, Michel Krieger, David Ahn

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