General Co-chair :
Krishna P. Gummadi

Krishna Gummadi

Krishna Gummadi is an active member of the ICWSM community and a co-author of seven ICWSM papers over the years, including the Best Paper in 2012. He is a tenured faculty member and head of the Networked Systems research group at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) in Germany. Krishna's research interests are in the measurement, analysis, design, and evaluation of complex Internet-scale systems. His current projects focus on understanding and building social Web systems. Krishna's work on online social networks, Internet access networks, and peer-to-peer systems has led to a number of widely cited papers and award (best) papers at ACM/Usenix's SOUPS, AAAI's ICWSM, Usenix's OSDI, ACM's SIGCOMM IMW, and SPIE's MMCN conferences. He has served as the PC co-chair for the ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2013, the ACM Conference on Online Social Networks 2014, and the International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference 2015.