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March 26-28, 2007

Reaching Boulder

Fly to Denver International Airport (DIA), which is about 50 miles southeast of Boulder. DIA has car rental offices, bus and shuttle services, cabs, and restaurants. The following are transportation options from the airport to Boulder:

  1. Taxi: The journey is about 45 minutes. The fixed rate for a taxi/cab from Denver International Airport to Boulder is $80 one-way. Yellow Cab Tel: +1 (303) 777-7777
  2. Car rental: The car rental offices close in mid-evening (9:00pm??), so make reservations or arrangements if you're coming in later. Follow below driving directions to Boulder. The car rental counters are on the baggage-claim level of main terminals of Denver International Airport.

    Driving directions: Denver International Airport -- Boulder Marriott:

    1. Take Pena Blvd. South 12 miles and merge onto to I-70 West.
    2. Continue on I-70 to Interstate 270 West (right) heading Northwest to US 36.
    3. Proceed Northwest on US 36, also known as the Boulder Turnpike.
    4. As you enter Boulder, the Turnpike turns into 28th Street.
    5. Follow 28th Street to Canyon Blvd.
    6. Turn left (West) on Canyon and go one block.
    7. Turn left on 26th Street and the Boulder Marriott will be on the left.

  3. Shuttle: The Boulder Super Shuttle, a shuttle bus/van service to a number of hotels in Boulder (including the Boulder Marriott) and residential addresses. It leaves Denver International Airport every hour at 10 minutes past the hour starting at 06:10am through 12:10am (ten past midnight), 7 days a week; frequent departures on the 1/2 hour during the busy afternoon and evening hours. The shuttle reaches Boulder in about 70 minutes. The shuttle counter is on the baggage-claim level of main terminal, to the left as you come out and face the fountain, near car-rental counters. Check in at the counter to purchase tickets; note that there are several Marriott locations in the area - be sure to specify Boulder Marriott on Canyon Boulevard. Loading (shuttle stop) is at Door 504 Lane 5 - Terminal West.
    Type Hotel Residential address
    One way $22 $28
    Return $40 $52
    Boulder Super Shuttle : +1 (303) 227-0000.

  4. Bus: A regional bus service, the RTD, provides transportation between Denver International Airport and Boulder (Route "AB"). Buses leave DIA every hour or so depending on the time of day. The buses run from DIA between 06:15am and 23:20pm. Trip time is about 90 minutes, with a final stop at the Boulder bus station. The RTD counter at DIA is on the baggage-claim level of the main terminal. For route/schedule times, click "AB" and Westbound at the RTD schedule site (
    Day Schedule
    The one-way fare (ticket price) is $10.
    RTD Bus Service: +1 (303) 299-6000.