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Welcome to the Virtual ICWSM 2021

Pre-recorded talks are available to view at your convenience on this website. During the live sessions, presentations have been assigned a one-hour slot during which we ask at least one author to be available to interact synchronously with participants on gather town. (Think of it like a virtual conference poster session where authors can interact with participants).
There are two ways of enjoying the conference this year:
ICWSM Lite - The MiniConf and Slack experience. Similar to last year’s ICWSM, participants can choose a largely solo journey through the talks and events in ICWSM but still meet up with others through Slack ( and the single-track events. Limited opportunities to interact with paper authors, but you can always invite them to catch up on Slack.
ICWSM Deluxe - The Gathertown, MiniConf, and Slack experience. Enrich your conference experience by hanging out in a custom-designed green space, much like your favorite spot on campus. Walk to your next session with your friends. Ask questions of the authors of the papers you really dig. Bump into the keynote speakers on your way to the next session. Hang out with the organising committee and ask all your burning questions. And when the sessions are over, unwind with new friends over a game of scribbl.

You can find the times for all the live sessions using the Schedule, where you can choose your timezone and find live sessions that work for you.

Social Media
Share papers, workshops, and demos by using the hashtag #ICWSM2021

Code of Conduct
All persons, organizations and entities that attend AAAI conferences and events are subject to the standards of conduct set forth on the AAAI Code of Conduct for Events and Conferences. AAAI expects all community members to formally endorse this code of conduct, and to actively prevent and discourage any undesired behaviors. Everyone should feel empowered to politely engage when they or others are disrespected, and to raise awareness and understanding of this code of conduct. AAAI event participants asked to stop their unacceptable behavior are expected to comply immediately. Sponsors are also subject to this code of conduct in their participation in AAAI events.

Additionally, participants are encouraged to be courteous when sharing screen captures and photographs of conference events. Seek permission when possible and respect requests to take down images if those featured ask. Concerns around code of conduct or inclusion may be sent to

Any community member can report violations of the ICWSM Code of Conduct. Reports can be named or anonymous. We encourage peers and especially senior community members to make reports on behalf of colleagues who are not in a position to do so themselves, preferably with their consent. Options for reporting are as follows:
  • Contact anyone on the ICWSM 2021 reporting response team: Eni Mustafaraj, David Schoch and Kokil Jaidka:
    • via private message on the ICWSM Gather Virtual Space
    • via email:
    • via web form, which can be submitted anonymously
  • Contact the ICWSM 2021 DEI Council Chair:Brooke Foucault Welles
  • Contact the ICWSM 2021 General Chair: Jason R.C. Nurse
  • Contact the ICWSM Steering Committee Chair: Juergen Pfeffer
  • Contact AAAI about violations of the code of conduct:


Jason Nurse
General Chair
Ella Haig
PC Chair
Kenny Joseph
PC Chair
Afra Mashhadi
PC Chair
Kokil Jaidka
VC Chair
Eni Mustafaraj
VC Chair
David Schoch
VC Chair
Oana Balalau
Workshop Chair
Katherine Ognyanova
Workshop Chair
Daniel Romero
Workshop Chair
Jisun An
Tutorial Chair
Sauvik Das
Tutorial Chair
Shaomei Wu
Tutorial Chair
Duncan Hodges
Data Chair
Dong Nguyen
Data Chair
Savvas Zannettou
Data Chair
Ghita Mezzour
Data Challenge Chair
Kai Shu
Data Challenge Chair
Gianluca Stringhini
Data Challenge Chair
Kiran Garimella
Sponsorship Chair
Talayeh Aledavood
Social Media & Publicity Chair
Keenan Jones
Web Chair
Amira Ghenai
Accessibility Chair
Naeemul Hassan
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair
Francielle Vargas
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair
Panagiotis Andriotis
Global Equity Chair
Dakuo Wang
Global Equity Chair